About me

I solidified my dedication to design in an unlikely place: the haemodialysis clinic where I worked as a young adult. The way that patients and caregivers depended on life-preserving technology – with its array of dials, knobs, and screens – left a lasting impression on me. After leaving the clinic, I enrolled at Art Center College of Design.

Ever since, I have explored the relationship between humans and objects with passion, strategy, and care. After graduating, I began my career as an industrial designer at Cambridge Consultants, going on to receive the 1999 Medical Device Design Excellence Silver Award for my work on Unipath’s ClearPlan monitor.

After bringing many successful products to life and gaining new experience in project management, I found a calling in user experience design. I am fascinated by the way this field demands a fine balance of creativity, research, and technology. At Honeywell, for example, I created interfaces for gas detectors, docking stations, and related software that help protect workers from industrial hazards. As I continue to explore this evolving field, I am keen to learn more about the role of research in UX design, specifically how disciplines such as cognitive science can help us understand user interaction with more rigor.